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Serve in worship this year!

Acolyting at Highlands is open to all adults, youth, and children in 4th grade or older.
This year's training session will be a lock-in at Highlands, September 7-8.
Please contact Brian Bellenger or Mary Elizabeth Neal for more information.

Acolyte Training Schedule:

Saturday, September 7
5 pm Dinner at Mellow Mushroom
6 pm Acolyte Instruction Session 1
7:30 pm Organ and Bell Tower Tour
8 pm  Church-wide game of sardines
9 pm Snacks
9:30 pm  Candlelight Communion
10:00 pm Bedtime Stories about Highlands and Prayer Circle
10:30 pm Lights Out!

Sunday, September 8
8 am  Breakfast at Original Pancake House
9 am  Acolyte Instruction Session 2
10:30 am Acolyte consecration during worship

Register for acolyte training no later than Sunday, September 1, please.

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Acolyte's Name