Story Seeds Interest Survey

2018 Growing Ministries Focus: The Story Garden

Because stories are at the very heart of Christian discipleship--which is built upon the stories of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospels, and the early church--Highlands is embracing a rich, story-based focus for the upcoming year.  Affirming that stories have the power to both connect and transform us, Highlands’ Growing Ministries will provide diverse opportunities for us to explore, claim, and tell our own unique stories, as well as to listen to the stories of others. In the process we hope that we will all have a deeper sense of how our stories intersect with God’s story.

To that end we would like to invite you to complete this eight question Story Seeds survey.  It is designed to help us gauge the interest in and potential for storytelling within our congregation and to plant seeds for the stories we hope to grow in God’s Story Garden here at Highlands.  All surveys are anonymous unless you choose to provide contact information.  Thanks for helping us plant some story seeds!