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StrengthsFinder Workshop

  • Highlands United Methodist Church 1045 20th Street South Birmingham, AL, 35205 United States (map)

Maybe you’ve heard about the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment in classes or workshops here at Highlands or even in your workplace or school. Exploring your results from this internationally acclaimed instrument can be a powerful way to connect with who you are at your God-given core and reclaim what will give you a greater sense of being fully alive! Participating in an assessment workshop can also be an important step in discerning how God is calling you in your discipleship journey here at Highlands. Please consider committing to be a part of this insightful, and often liberating workshop on Saturday, October 27 from 9 am to 2 pm. Whether this will be your first exposure
to the Strengths approach or a refresher course, all adults are invited! Kathleen Bynum Lalor, an experienced Strengths facilitator, will lead the workshop and can offer you more details and provide access to the assessment.

Cost is $20 for workshop materials and a light lunch.  Confidential scholarships are available by contacting Reggie Holder at reggie@highlandsumc.net

To register, contact Kathleen Lalor at kblalor@gmail.com.


Kathleen Lalor, Highlands’ member and our facilitator, has taken this model into 5 states and offered it to well over a thousand individuals since 2002.  Quoting Kathleen, “I have witnessed over and over again, people experiencing a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer sense of their God-given identity through this shared experience.  I’ve also heard from many that they feel more genuinely connected with other participants than folks they’ve been in church with for years.  When I go back to the church where I last served, invariably people bring up how much this workshop and its insights have meant to them & continue to mean to them.”

Here are a few quotes from past participants:  “So enlightening!  Not only about myself, but in understanding and appreciating other people!”   “Why didn’t someone tell me all of this 25 years ago?”   “I thought everyone had my strengths and that I was nothing special—but now I have a fresh sense of what I uniquely bring to the table.”   “I feel so confirmed and so inspired to be who I am more fully!”   “Can I do it again and bring friends/family?”

In advance of the workshop day, participants will be provided with an online access code, which will allow each person to access the online StrengthsFinder inventory.   This is not a test, but an inventory grounded in over 25 years of research in 7 nations and now available in over 20 languages.  Upon completion of the inventory, your results will pop up almost immediately, giving you your top 5 Strengths Themes along with a brief description of each theme.  Kathleen asks that you then forward those results to her at kblalor@gmail.com so that she can compile them for the workshop itself.